When a marketer meets another marketer for the first time, something funny happens.

They spend 10% of the time getting to know the other person and 90% of the time proving they're the better marketer.

Not outrightly, no. That would be rude.

Subtly. Indirectly.

That's how professionals do it.

It's funny watching it unfold.

And if it ever happens in front of you, do this.

Give the marketers 3 tests.

If they have little to no clue what you're talking about, let them continue showboating.

But if they calmly give you the right answers to the 3 tests, then you'll know you can trust them with your marketing.

If you're a marketer or business owner yourself, here are 3 tests you must definitely get right.

Test 1

Will Version A or B convert better?

Test 2

Will Version A or B convert better?

Test 3

Will Version A or B convert better?

If you're a marketer, you probably got all 3 test answers right.

I'll reveal the answers very soon but first, a little more about the tests.

These 3 tests were taken from a series of 18 consumer psychology tests.

The online marketplace is a brutal world and for every 1 successful business, there are 9 others that fail.

Consumer psychologists have identified 18 things that separate the 1 successful one from the other 9.

The strange thing is these are not grand, big things. They're tiny little things.

Things that are so small, they exist right under our noses without us noticing.

Almost as if they're done silently. Secretly.

And that is why, to the majority of online shoppers, Versions A and B in the tests above are virtually the same.

But to the trained marketer, there's a world of difference between the two.

And one is vastly better than the other.

The research is conclusive and I've further verified them with my own tests.

I must admit that when I first tested them, I was hoping to debunk these little "secrets."

I was hoping I could still tell myself that what my business needed was time, not some "buyer psychology crap."

But evidence is evidence.

When the results were consistent every single time and when I realized that many successful business "gurus" were using the same tactics I tested....

I realise this was it.

This was what I had been missing. What I had overlooked because I just didn't know any better.

This was how some of the people around me who had no knowledge or experience in business were suddenly running very successful online businesses.

Consciously or unconsciously, they were using most of the 18 buyer psychology secrets.

What are some of these "Psychology secrets?"

Here's a snippet of the 18 secrets

Secret #7

This simple adjustment will increase your landing page conversions by 134% immediately

Secret #9

Discover the biggest distraction your website has and why you must remove it right now

Secret #15

This communication channel beats both email and social media and customers LOVE it

Secret #18

Discover this common mistake that hurts lead generation and how to get more email leads with a simple tweak

Secret #11

Learn how to get the attention of readers who merely skim your websites

Secret #1

Discover a sneaky way to bring more eyes to your call to action

Now that you know a few of the 18 secrets, let's look at the test answers from earlier.

Test answers

Here are the answers.

Test 1 winner: Version A

Test 2 winner: Version A

Test 3 winner: Version B

Did you get all of them right?

Most marketers get the 3 tests above right.

But only 20% are able to get 16 out of 18 (or more) correct.

If you're a marketer or business owner, you must know which you fall into. The 80% or 20%. And you must ensure you it's the latter, not the former.

For now, if you managed to get the answers right for the 3 tests above, I'd like to give you a gift.

2 gifts in fact.

Here they are.

Gift 1

The Crystal Ball

crystal ball

Do you remember the previous time you bought something because it was exactly what you wanted?

Do you remember how it simply "felt right" to buy it?

That's what The Crystal Ball does.

The Crystal Ball will get you into the mind of your ideal customer so you know the exact touchpoints to focus on.

Marketers who have used The Crystal Ball have shared one thing. Customers who previously never wanted to buy anything from them suddenly started buying multiple times.

Why did this happen?

Because buying finally "felt right" to them.

Gift 2

Color Psychology

color psychology

I created this infographic and if I were to be honest...

It's a pretty ugly infographic.

It might possibly be the ugliest infographic you'll ever see.

I never got it "beautified" because it was never meant to be shared with anyone else anyway.

So if you're expecting something pretty, this is not it.

But if you just want an infographic that tells you the best colors to choose in different situations, to bring out the right emotions, then this ugly little thing will do a great job.

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Not at all. It's short and sweet.
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Please select the bundle option only if you got the 3 test answers right

Online Sales Psychology


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  • 18 OSP Secrets
  • The Crystal Ball
  • Color Psychology
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  • 18 OSP Secrets
  • The Crystal Ball
  • Color Psychology
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P.S. Come back to this page when you see Test #11. Hint: It's the MOST important thing to do near the end of your sales page.